Creation Event

The last  meeting was in November 2022.

                                    Speaker: Gavin Cox

                                    Title of talk: Biology and the Bible: evolution or creation?

A great, informal opportunity to invite family & friends along to hear a Creation presentation. The talk  lasts between 50-60 minutes, using illustrated PowerPoint presentations and is generally followed by an informal Question & Answer time.

Gavin graduated from Camborne School of Mines in 1991 and has since worked in land survey with remote sensing and internationally in the seismic industry, prospecting for oil and gas. For more than a decade, this work took him to places such as Uganda, Tanzania, Egypt, Kurdistan (north Iraq), Abu Dabi, Sweden, Finland, Holland, Macedonia, France, the Mediterranean Sea, the Red Sea, as well as the UK. Having a keen interest in geology and fossils, he has collected for many years along the Jurassic Coast and beyond.

Gavin took a career break in 1999 to study theology and this was his ‘wake-up call’ to the importance of accepting Genesis and Creation as real Biblical history. Since then he has earned two Masters degrees, one in Biblical Studies and the other in Egyptology.

Gavin is keenly aware of the need for Christians to be given good solid answers to the skeptical questions raised by secularists within western culture, education and the media. Having been through the education system (both secular and religious), he recognizes the need for good Biblical apologetics


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Two years ago we were encouraged to hear a talk on:

The Age of the Earth and Why it Matters

The chapel  hosted the meeting with Dominic Statham from Creation Ministries. Under the title "The age of the earth and why it matters", Dominic argued that despite popular scientific opinion the evidence points to a young planet rather than one that is billions of years old.

Jesus also believed in a literal Genesis and made reference to it on various occasions throughout His ministry. One example was in His conversation with the religious leaders when He corrected them on the subject of divorce:

And He answered and said to them, "Have you not read that He who made them at the beginning made them male and female..." (Matthew 19:5).